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VP of Engineering

Our platform runs through all aspects of our business, in every market, meeting all stakeholders. It is extremely important for us. And we are offering to place it in your hands.
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VP of Engineering

TechBuddy is changing the nature of technical support. Not only are we taking care of our customers technical issues, but as well educating them in the modern technical landscape and eliminating a digital exclusion that causes stress and anxiety in an increasing population of Digital Outsiders. For our own customers and for our Partners’ customers that they place in our care.  In our role as trusted technical advisors, we are strengthening a circular ecosystem of consumer electronics, prolonging the electronics lifetime and second hand value and enabling a market for used electronics, by that lessening the environmental effects of unsustainable consumption. On the other hand, We are a driving force in the establishment of the new Gig economy where knowledgeable talent can work where they want, when they want under solid working conditions and payment. All life situations are different, and TechBuddy strives to offer something that fits all circumstances and challenges. 

TechBuddy is a movement. A Force, driven by the greater values and impact we have on the societies we touch. 

As you might have guessed, we are looking to add to our team at HQ in Stockholm and is looking for a VP of Engineering to help build our platform that enables us to be the number one provider of tech support. Our own built platform is our core, vital for the operations and service that we offer. Therefore, this position is extremely important for us and we are eager to hear your expertise. 

Our platform runs through all aspects of our business, in every market, meeting all stakeholders. It is extremely important for us. And we are offering to place it in your hands. We only ask you to think the unthinkable and realise it with the rest of us very eager colleagues ready to take on the world with you.


If you found our description a bit (or even too) extravagant so far, here is a version a bit less so (even though we absolutely hate to hold back…): 


You will together with the CTO and your team build the vision and its’ realization of our platform. What we offer is a solid structure, a working platform, a growing brand, customer and partnership base onto which you will do your magic with free hands. 


Some of the things you will do is explore, define and develop new technologies and architecture, re-evaluate existing technologies to constantly improve our platform.

You are expected to Improve upon and build new business-critical features and infrastructure.


  • Ensure a robust infrastructure that allows us to grow
  • Make sure our environment is resilient, reliable and recoverable
  • Collect and analyze our data to improve performance
  • Continue the platforms evolvement that enures performance as we continue to scale
  • Build and develop our engineering practices, drive the efforts on technical strategy and set roadmaps
  • Coach and help other talent in the tech team in their development


Our current software stack consists of: 

  • Laravel 5.4
  • MongoDB 3.2
  • PHP 7.1
  • VueJS 2
  • Sass
  • Native iOS
  • Native Android
  • Jenkins for CI & CD



Probably, you are a high senior level or staff engineer — or have come far along the journey to become one.

  • You have extensive knowledge of mobile engineering, especially from the build and infrastructure tooling perspective.
  • You’re passionate about refining tooling for faster builds and advocating good practices to the client communities both iOS and Android., preferably several years of experience working towards both platforms
  • You have experience in the above mentioned softwares
  • You have a deep understanding of system design, data structures and algorithms and understand how to apply them to design pragmatic solutions.
  • Full-stack developer experience is meriting
  • Passionate about setting up automation, testing, and deployment pipelines.
  • Experience developing and scaling business- and performance-critical backend systems.
  • Most probably, you have a degree in Computer Science or other relevant field


A few characteristics we do like, but are not restricted to: 

  • A proactive and problem solving business mindset.
  • A willingness and openness to learn new things and likes listening to new or different ideas.
  • Passionate about understanding why and how the platform affects the end-users, and how it ties into the overall business goals of the company.


Eller vet du någon som skulle passa ännu bättre? Berätta för dem.


Strandvägen 47
114 56 Stockholm Vägbeskrivning info@techbuddy.se 010 - 17 77 307

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